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Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills

What Are Raspberry Ketones?
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With its unique fat burning potential only coming to light fairly recently, with TV’s favourite Health specialist Dr Oz bringing the hidden powers of raspberry ketones to the general public’s attention, raspberry ketones are the weight loss world’s best kept secret.
Raspberry ketone is a naturally-occurring phenolic compound that gives raspberries their distinctive smell and makes them so delicious and enjoyable to eat. Additional uses for raspberry ketone have been to add fragrance or flavour to certain cosmetics and perfumes but the most exciting discovery of all has been that the ketone compound raised the levels of adiponectin in the body.
Adiponectin is a protein hormone that is directly responsible for controlling the metabolism, regulation of glucose, helps to lower blood pressure and lower levels of body fat. For example, an individual with higher levels of adiponectin will be slimmer than those with lower levels of Adiponectin - a fact confirmed in clinical trials. Aside from helping to control obesity, it can also reduce the risk of certain health conditions that include; fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. 
How Do Raspberry Ketones Work?
Raspberry ketone has powerful fat burning capabilities. It forces the body to release more of the ‘stress’ hormone known as norepinephrine, this hormone stimulates the nervous system and blood supply which in turn kick starts the metabolism to speed the body’s natural fat burning processes. Raspberry ketone decreases the rate in which carbohydrates are taken in, boosting the fat burning process helping you to break down fat deposits, enabling you to lose weight more effectively and naturally.
For this reason it’s easy to see why raspberry ketones are now becoming a weight loss essential.

How Long Does It Take To See Weight Loss Results From Raspberry Ketone
The recommended safe daily amount for Raspberry Ketone supplements is 200mg. Depending on the supplement itself, many users of raspberry ketone begin to see weight loss results within a couple of weeks.  
Additional Raspberry Ketone Benefits
Increased Immune System
Raspberry Ketone increases the production of B and T cells (white blood cells) which helps to bolster the immune system helping to prevent illness.

Protects Against Free Radicals
Raspberry Ketones are rich with potent antioxidants that help to protect the body cells from harmful free radicals in the environment and its effects. This can also help to slow down the ageing process.
Alleviate Inflammation
Raspberry ketones can naturally ease and prevent muscular and rheumatic pain as they possess the same anti-inflammatory effects as drugs such as NSAID’s (e.g. aspirin) by lowering certain enzymes in the body that causes discomfort and pain with arthritic and other related conditions.
Helps To Replace Essential Fatty Acids
Raspberry ketones, when consumed regularly can help to replace essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 fatty acids in the body. Omega-3 is vital for healthy levels of growth hormones and helps to maintain a fully functioning and healthy brain.
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What Are Green Coffee Beans?
Green Coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted, hence the green appearance in their natural, raw state.  When coffee beans are roasted, recognisable for the distinctive taste and colour for our daily cup of coffee, they lose a naturally occurring antioxidant-rich compound called chlorogenic acid.  Their effects were featured on the world famous Dr Oz TV show which highlighted these findings as it is believed by diet and health professionals that chlorogenic acid can significantly give a boost to weight loss, (some studies have shown up to double the weight lost when compared with dieters not taking any supplement) which is why green coffee beans are now found in so many weight loss products.
Drinking green coffee beans as a beverage would be very unappetising and is reported to have quite a bitter flavour, which is why green coffee extract is used in many supplements to help boost weight loss.
How Can Green Coffee Beans Aid Weight Loss?
This chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of glucose in the blood by using it as energy; the body then has to burn fat cells as energy by thermogenesis, which then leads to weight loss.
The chlorogenic acid slows down the process of the glucose entering the bloodstream reducing the fat absorption which then leads to weight loss. Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid can help the liver to break down the fat faster.
Green coffee bean extract could help to lower the levels of insulin which helps to improve metabolism and control weight maintenance, ideal for people who struggle to sustain their weight.
Additional Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans
The antioxidants in green coffee beans act as a shield against environmental influences and harmful free radicals, even helping to prevent premature ageing.
The chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract can also help reduce hypertension (high blood pressure) and reduce the risk of heart conditions. Chlorogenic acid is also proven to help prevent type 2 diabetes which is often caused through being overweight and having high blood pressure.
It can have favourable effects on diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and helps to relieve inflammation.
What To Look For In A Good Green Coffee Bean Extract
There are a few recommended guidelines to look for when choosing a green coffee supplement, the first thing to check is that the product contains either Svetol or GCA, these are the only extracts that have been clinically proven to work. Also ensure that the concentration of Chlorogenic acid is at least 45% to be effective.
As for dosing, the recommended amount to take is at least 400mg 3 times a day.
Green Coffee Bean Extract is suitable for virtually all, there have been no side effects reported, however experts do suggest that if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or under 16 that you should seek medical advice before taking any form of green coffee in supplement form.
How Much Weight Could I Lose By Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract
Experts suggest that between 1 and 2lbs can be lost per week without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle or diet.
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